• Citymed is experienced in performing a wide range of pre employment medicals.




     CityMed has onsite blood testing, drug testing, audiometry, spirometry and ECGs. Mercy Radiology is also on site to perform any xrays required.

    Please send your enquiries and forms to reception@citymed.co.nz , so that we can arrange a quote and plan your appointment. 

    General advice to prepare for your medical;

    • Allow plenty of time so that you are not late. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to medical start time so that all your documentation can be processed ready to start
    • Do NOT rush as this will put up your blood pressure, which may delay the completion of your medical or may require you to return another day to retest
    • If you are on medications bring all your medications
    • Glasses; bring these if you wear them
    • A urine sample is usually required to be done as part of the medical (Women – please note that the medical cannot be completed during your period because the urine sample cannot be done during menstruation or within 3 days of it finishing)
    • The medical will not be released until payment has been received

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    Or call us Monday to Friday 8am-5:30pm

    09 377 5525