• We provide essential pre and post travel information and care.

    TravelMed offers an up-to-date travel advice and vaccination service for all travellers.

    We are able to advise on all aspects of travel. This includes choosing the best insect repellent, minimising the risks from environmental hazard exposure and recommending appropriate vaccines for disease prevention. The advice given is individualised to meet your specific travel requirements.

    Why Choose TravelMed?

    Drs. Megan Corbett and Ravi Sandhu direct the TravelMed Clinic at CityMed. They have both completed specialised post-graduate training in travel medicine and regularly attend relevant conferences. This ensures you receive appropriate advice from a qualified individual. They are also both certified to administer Yellow Fever vaccines.

    At TravelMed we have online internet access to the latest travel health information. This includes information on disease outbreaks and patterns, appropriate anti-malarial medication and current international vaccine requirements and recommendations for each country. Coming to TravelMed offers you the security of receiving appropriate, up-to-the-minute advice on all aspects of travel.

    TravelMed offers:

    • Fully trained and friendly doctors and nurses
    • Online internet access, with full access to up-to-date travel health information
    • Follow-up nurse appointments for basic travel advice and vaccine administration
    • Certification to administer Yellow Fever vaccine

    Yellow Fever

    Anyone travelling to Africa or Central or South America (excluding those travelling exclusively to Mexico or the Caribbean) must have their appointment with either Dr Megan Corbett or Dr Ravi Sandhu, as travel to these destinations may well require a Yellow Fever Certificate.

    Also if you intend travelling on a passport from one of the above mentioned areas you may be required to produce a yellow fever certificate.

    Checklist for appointment!

    We advise that you book your travel appointment 4-6 weeks before travel is to commence (or as soon as possible, if less time is available). This appointment must be booked via reception- it cannot be booked via our online booking service.  Please bring with you:

    • Detailed itinerary of travel plans
    • Information on previous travel or childhood immunisations, if available
    • List of current medications
    • List of any allergies
    • Passport for those requiring Yellow Fever vaccination

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