• Skin cancers are very common in New Zealand, with the incidence of melanoma the highest in the world. Fortunately early detection and treatment can successfully eliminate a skin cancer before it has had a chance to spread into the body.

    Unfortunately if you have had one skin cancer you do have an increased risk of developing another one so regular checks are important.

    Not all skin lesions are cancerous. CityMed has experienced doctors with expertise in skin lesion diagnosis and treatment, including surgical excision under local anaesthetic, which remains the gold standard of treatment for most skin cancers. We have two purpose built procedures theatres available if surgery is required.

    Not all skin cancer will need surgery and there are new creams available that can be used in certain superficial cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. We also have liquid nitrogen available for everyday warts and sun damaged skin treatment.

    Factors that increase your risk for developing a skin cancer;

    • European (the fairer the skin, the higher the risk although no one is risk free)
    • A large number of moles, especially if they are atypical or “dysplastic”
    • History of sunburn especially important if this occurred in childhood and teen years
    • A lot of sun exposure e.g. working outdoors, outdoor sports, waters activities
    • Having had a previous skin cancer
    • Being older, skin cancers increase in frequency as we get older
    • Family history of melanoma/non melanoma skin cancer

    Factors that indicate a skin lesion may be a skin cancer;

    • Change in colour
    • Change in shape
    • Change in size, getting bigger
    • Irregularity in shape or colour
    • Not healing or bleeding
    • Any new lesion that looks strange or different

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