• A hernia is the result of tissue from inside the abdominal cavity pushing through the muscles of the wall of the abdomen.

    They tend to occur in body areas where there is a potential natural weakness for example the groin and umbilical areas.

    The procedure is done from the outside in called 'open repair' and is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation.  CityMed is able to offer hernia repair using the traditional mesh repair or the new tension free no-mesh Desarda repair.   Laparoscopic repair is performed under general anaesthesia.

    Studies show that open repairs are as good as laparoscopic repairs,  and performed under sedation and local anaesthetic are significantly less expensive.  

    To find out more please download a copy of our mesh repair brochure,  for no-mesh Desarda repair visit this website www.Desarda.com , or make an appointment enquiry to discuss with a doctor.

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