Australian Immigration Medicals 

  • Service Cost
    Australian Immigration Medical age 0-10 years $235.00
    Australian Immigration Medical age 11-74 $285.00
    Australian Immigration Medical age >75years $300.00
    Chest X-ray (not required for all patients) $105.00
    Blood test- Creatinine/eGFR  (required on all applicants >15yrs) $25.00
    Additional Laboratory Testing -  Price variable and dependent on what tests are required. Please visit for prices

    Australian immigration medicals can only be performed by Australian Immigration panel doctors, so cannot be done by other doctors. We are fortunate to have seven Australian panel doctors at CityMed. Dr Rob Kay, Dr Donna Marshall, Dr David McKenzie, Dr Megan Corbett, Dr Lisa Searle, Dr Peter Morton and Dr Gerald Young. To register for an appointment please follow this link

    The medical is completed and filed electronically through the Australian Immigration Department’s eMedical system. We can only access your eMedical with your unique HAP ID number. You will need to obtain this from your Australian Immigration case manager before you can book an appointment. You will also be asked to bring in your eMedical referral letter.


    Checklist of requirements for your Australian Immigration medical appointment

    • eMedical referral letter showing your HAP ID number
    • Original Passport with a current validation date. Certified copies cannot be accepted
    • Glasses or contact lenses
    • A medical history summary from your regular doctor. If you have any letters or reports from medical specialists please bring these also.
    • Interpreter if you do not speak English to a good conversational level. Friends, colleagues or family members cannot be accepted as your interpreter, however you may bring them along as your support person. The interpreter must be a registered interpreter and it is at your cost.
    • All people aged 15 and over must have a blood test. We have nurses onsite who can take your blood sample. For specialised tests you may be referred to a Labtest collection centre instead. Mercy radiology are onsite for your x-ray. Urine tests are no longer required. 
    • Legal Guardian or parent if you are under 18 years of age
    • A full body medical examination will need to be carried out by the doctor. You will be asked to remove all of your clothing, except your underwear. If you have religious or cultural beliefs which may impact on this please discuss this with us prior to making your appointment. We have both male and female doctors available. The examination rooms have a curtained cubicle for your privacy, and a sheet to cover yourself with. 
    • Client Declaration – you will need to read and sign this at your appointment. For a copy go to

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