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All US Immigrant and Non-Immmigrant Visas are processed by the The National Visa Centre (NVC) in the US. The applicant will be notified by NVC that they have an interview scheduled in Auckland. When NVC supplies the Auckland Consulate with the relevant information then a letter is generated by the Auckland office & posted to the applicant with the relevant forms - a Case number is assigned at this time.


  • If a medical is required please bring the documents to your appointment
  • You must bring your original passport and it must have a current expiry date.
  • You must bring your medical forms to the appointment.
  • You must bring six passport photos.
  • If you cannot speak English to a good, conversational level, you must bring an interpreter. Family members and friends cannot be used as interpreters.
  • If you are aged under 16 years, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses you must bring these
  • If you have any significant or ongoing medical conditions, or take regular medication, please bring supporting documentation from your regular medical provider or specialist.
  • There are compulsory vaccination requirements for immigrant medicals. Please bring any vaccination records with you if you have them.
  • A urine sample is required for analysis. Please ensure you are well hydrated prior to your appointment. Females, if you are menstruating, we are unable to test your urine until at least 3 days after your period finishes.
  • You must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first appointment as you will need to complete a registration form at reception.
  • A full body medical examination will need to be carried out by the doctor. You will be asked to remove all of your clothing, except your underwear. If you have religious or cultural beliefs which may impact on this please discuss this with us prior to making your appointment. We have both male and female doctors available. The examination rooms have a curtained cubicle for your privacy, and a sheet to cover yourself with.
  • You must fill in the top of your medical paperwork with your name, DOB, passport number and case number.
  • Some visas require you to bring court documents and conviction information to the appointment. Please check with the US National Visa Centre.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above instructions may mean we have to cancel your appointment on the day, and charge you a doctor’s consultation fee for the unused appointment.

There is helpful information for applicants at -

The cost for a US Immigration Medical is $250. Please note this fee does not include added charges for laboratory testing, x-rays or vaccinations. These charges are all additional. 

Note: To make an online General Enquiry below. Please note this does NOT include scheduling appointments, seeking medical advice or requesting repeat prescriptions for medications

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