General Medical Consultations

Personal health checks

We recommend that our patients have regular personal health checks so that we can discuss with you how to keep yourself healthy throughout your life. These health checks include talking to you about any current health issues, questioning you about any symptoms you may have, reviewing past medical problems, discussing with you significant family medical problems and reviewing general lifestyle issues like diet, exercise and smoking behaviour. We usually do some blood tests and in some cases recommend further special tests like a chest X-ray. Our suggestions for the frequency of these medicals are 1 medical before 30 years, at least 2 medicals in your 30s, every 2 years in your 40s and yearly over 50. Your doctor may suggest having a medical more frequently in some circumstances.

Please go here to complete a copy of the health check questionnaire required for a personal health check. Please bring the completed questionnaire when you attend for a personal health check.

Note: A consultation is 15 minutes in duration.

If you need to do any pre-employment or immigration medicals, or you require travel advice and vaccinations, you will need to ring the clinic to make an appointment.

Well Child Checks

CityMed actively supports Well Child Checks and immunisations as a way of getting a good start in life. We offer the full range of recommended fully funded vaccinations on the childhood schedule. There are other vaccines which are not fully funded which you may like to talk to your doctor about. 

Well Child Checks are free to all enrolled children, and are performed by your doctor when your child is 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months and 15 months old. We like to check your child prior to the immunisations being given at these ages to ensure they are healthy and that their development is within the normal range. It's a good chance to check on any concerns you have, especially if you are a first time parent.

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Note: A consultation is 45 minutes in duration, this includes both doctor and nurse appointments.

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