At CityMed there are two purpose-built surgical theatres where  surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic. This allows for the cost effective diagnosis and/or removal of most skin lesions. This includes the surgical excision of skin cancers including melanomas. For those lesions that can’t be removed at our clinic once diagnosis is made, the appropriate management plan can be determined and referral suggestions can be made.

All operations must be confirmed the day prior. Please note that a 50% cancellation fee may apply if you do not give us more than 24 hours notice. 

Skin and Minor Surgery Price list

Effective from 9th September 2017

Dr Gerald Young and Dr Todd Pritchard

Minor surgery Price Additional Information
Vasectomy $550 N/A
Vasectomy Reversal $3,000 N/A
Hernia (inguinal) $3,000 N/A
Hernia (umbilical) $2,750-3000 This is indicative only and depends on size and complexity
Ganglion $950 N/A
Circumcision Price Community Services Card
Baby to 6 months $550 N/A
10-17yrs $600 $575
18yrs plus $1,000 $975
Moles Price Additional Information
Body $375 This is indicative only and will depend on size
Face $435 This is indicative only and depends on size and the closure technique required i.e. flap, graft etc
Meibomium cyst $425 N/A
Carpal Tunnel $2,250 Please see Dr Gerald Young first
Wedge resection Toenail $425 $125 per additional side
Lipoma $375 This is indicative only and depends on size and number
Cautery verruca (foot block) $325 N/A