Mar 19, 2019

MEASLES OUTBREAK- All you need to know

The Ministry of Health is recommending that all practices outside of the Canterbury region focus on maintaining the National Immunisation Programme of vaccination for children aged 15 months and 4 years, as a priority. If you have received one dose of the MMR vaccine you will have 95% immunity against measles. If you have had childhood vaccinations, or born before 1969 then you are considered protected. If you are known unvaccinated then you are eligible to receive a funded dose of the MMR vaccination. If you are concerned, or unsure about your vaccination status then you can get a blood test to check your Measles immunity. You can organise this by calling us and requesting a blood test for measles antibodies. The test is not funded and will cost you $48.00- but it will give you the reassurance of whether your are immune or whether you need a vaccine. 

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